30 Inch Farmhouse Sinks - A Must For Any Kitchen!

by Sinks HQ Blog on December 01, 2020
30 Inch Farmhouse Sinks

The classic 30 inch farmhouse sink is very popular right now. If you are interested in 30 inch farm sinks then you are making a good decision as they are timeless, spacious and beautiful. When you add a 30 inch apron sink to your kitchen, you will give it a very distinctive look that will be the envy of your neighbors.

A high quality 30 inch farmhouse sink will dominate your kitchen and these kinds of sinks have seen a surge in popularity since the end of the 1990s. Although the farmhouse sink has been around for many years, they have a modernized feel now, and will blend in well with just about any kitchen décor.

We have a range of high quality 30 inch farmhouse sinks for you to choose from here. It is always best to go for the best quality farmhouse sink that you can afford, as it will last you for a very long time. Later on we will provide you with some tips on how to use your farmhouse sink and take care of it.

Different Styles of 30 Inch Farm Sinks

You have a good deal of choice when it comes to 30 inch farmhouse sinks. Farmhouse sinks are made from different materials and they have different designs. Although the 30 inch white farmhouse sink is the most popular there are other colors available such as the 30 inch black farmhouse sink.

You will find farmhouse sinks made from the following materials:


The most popular is the 30 inch fireclay farmhouse sink. You can get these with flat fronts, raised front lips and with fluted aprons. There are also other designs for fireclay farmhouse sinks such as pinstriped or painted and even checkered patterns.

Stainless Steel

The 30 inch stainless steel farmhouse sink is another popular type. People tend to go for these if they are after a more modern look. You will find a number of apron designs in stainless steel available. They tend to have defined lines.


You can find some very intricate designs with copper 30 inch farm sinks. Copper is a very malleable material with hammered designs available as well as smooth and patterned. If you want wildflowers or grape vines on the apron of your farm sink then it is all possible with copper.


A 30 inch porcelain farmhouse sink is a real classic and reasonably popular. These can look really attractive, but they require regular maintenance to keep them shining. Porcelain farm sinks can stain fairly easily, so you need to take good care of them.

Natural Stone

Would you like to have a granite or marble 30 inch farmhouse sink? There are 30 inch farm sinks made from several natural stones with some pretty fancy designs and patterns. Natural stone farmhouse sinks are very desirable, most of them have chiseled aprons which look stunning. But you will pay a premium for a natural stone farmhouse sink.

You can also find a 30 inch cast iron farmhouse sink, those made from composite materials and 30 inch farm sinks made from concrete. It is a good idea to have a budget in mind when you are looking for a high quality farmhouse sink, as the prices will vary dependent upon the material used and the design.

Are you looking for a 30 inch apron front sink or a plain design? How about a 30 inch double bowl farmhouse sink or single bowl? With two bowls you can leave the dishes in one while you use the other for food preparation. A larger single bowl will allow you to wash large pots and pans more easily.

30 Inch Farmhouse Sinks Installation Tips

You need to bear in mind that a 32 inch farm sink can be heavy. Some people make a mistake when it comes to measuring correctly as well. If you go for a 30 inch fireclay farmhouse sink you need to allow for a size variation of around 2%. Therefore, if you have a 30 inch cabinet it may not be large enough for your new farmhouse sink.

If your 30 inch farm sink is really heavy then you will probably need to shore up the cabinet that you will install it in. Remember that the sink will be even heavier when it is full of water and large pots and pans.

It is a good idea to provide reinforcement by adding plywood to your cabinet. Go for plywood that is at least ¾ inch thick. Use glue and screws to hold the plywood in place. Make sure that you reinforce the back of the cabinet too.

When installing a 30 inch farm sink that has an apron, you will need to mark the position and size on the cabinet and then make a cut so that you can lower the sink in to it. Use a spirit level to check that your sink is level and use some shims if it isn’t. After adding the countertop you need to apply waterproof sealant around the rim of the sink.

If you already have an existing sink in place and your 30 inch farmhouse sink is an upgrade, be prepared to change your existing countertop. A farm sink will always be deeper and wider than a conventional sink so you are likely to have to make some adjustments to the countertop and your supporting cabinet.

Most 30 inch farm sinks do not have a hole to install a faucet so you will need space to install a faucet behind the sink. Alternatively, you can go for a wall-mounted faucet. Just factor in the faucet before you install your sink.

Choosing a 30 inch double bowl farmhouse sink will require a double drainage scenario. If your current sink only has a single basin then you will need the right drainage kit for your new farmhouse sink.

It is not always easy to install a 30 inch farm sink properly so if you are unsure about anything it is best if you call in a professional to do it for you. If your existing cabinet is not up to the job of supporting your new farm sink then you can purchase a 30 inch farmhouse sink base cabinet that will be strong enough.


There is no doubt that a 30 inch farmhouse sink will add character and be the focal point of your kitchen. Your visitors will find it very impressive and will want to talk to you about it. You have a lot of choice when it comes to materials, style and color.

At Sink HQ we have a high quality range of 30 inch farm sinks that you can check out here. If you need help with deciding on the right 30 inch farmhouse sink for your kitchen our experts will be delighted to help you. Just contact us here.