32 Inch Bathroom Vanities - Buying Guide

by Sinks HQ Blog on December 22, 2020
32 Inch Bathroom Vanities

Buying the right 32 inch bathroom vanity can be quite a challenge which is why we have created this buying guide for you. You certainly have a lot of choice with 32 inch bath vanities. There are double bathroom vanities 32 inches wide and you can go for a 32 inch bathroom vanity with sink.

You will need to install your 32in bathroom vanity permanently so please be prepared for that. Consider the purchase of a bathroom vanity unit similar to a bathroom wall cabinet where you need to make it a permanent fixture.

Why a 32 inch Bathroom Vanity?

As soon as you start to look for a bathroom vanity, you will see that there are a variety of sizes available. In fact, you can get a bathroom vanity as small as 11 to 24 inches and as large as 61 to 72 inches. We recommend the standard 32 inch bathroom vanity as it is now the standard size.

To be sure that your 32 inch vanity will be a good fit, you need to take some precise measurements in your bathroom. Do you have a previous bath vanity that you want to replace? If so, will a 32 inch bathroom vanity fit in the space that it leaves?

The height of your bathroom vanity is important. Look at any current units to see how high they are. 32 inch bath vanities are a good height so this is why we recommend them over other sizes.

It is possible to buy a wall-mounted vanity that you can set to any height that you want. However, this is going to be more difficult for you to install. If your vanity unit is too high or too low then you will find it awkward to use so please bear this in mind.

You need to decide on the width and depth of your bathroom vanity as well. Are you going to go for a 32 inch bathroom vanity with vessel sink or will you install a separate sink? What counter space do you have available?

Another thing to consider is the existing bathroom furniture that you have. Everything needs to fit together well and look good, so take stock of the existing bathroom furniture. If you want a sink with your 32 inch vanity then you need to check out your existing plumbing.

Different Types of 32 inch Bathroom Vanity Units

You can choose a 32 inch bathroom vanity with top, a 32 inch bathroom vanity without a top, a 32 inch bathroom vanity with a vessel sink and much more. One of the most popular choices is the 32 inch white bathroom vanity. If white is not your thing then you can go for a 32 inch gray bathroom vanity or even a 32 inch black bathroom vanity.

It is usually possible to obtain bathroom vanities with optional side cabinets. One decision that you will need to make is if you want your bathroom vanity to have a top or not. Some people prefer to install their own countertop so the choice is yours.

32 inch Bathroom Vanity Styles

Now that you know your 32 inch vanity will be a good fit for your bathroom, it is time to think about the style that you want. Do you want a 32 inch modern bathroom vanity or maybe a 32 inch bathroom vanity with drawers?

A lot of modern bathroom vanities have clean finishes and sleek surfaces. Quite often, the more modern style vanities are fairly minimalistic in their design and are compact so that they will fit in almost any space.

If you go with a 32 inch vanity with a top will this be large enough for you to cut a hole for a sink? What about the design of the top – will it match your existing décor? A popular choice is to choose a 32 inch bathroom vanity with a vessel sink these days. It is just a lot less hassle than installing your own sink and looks good as well.

You may be more interested in a contemporary design for your bathroom vanity. There are wood grain vanities available for example, and you can also choose a 32 inch vanity that has drawers to hold all of your bathroom essentials.

There are so many different styles for bathroom vanity cabinets available now. These days you can choose an Aegean style, a rounded style bathroom vanity, and even bathroom vanities that have LED lights in them.

Trendy Bathroom Vanity Designs

It seems that the trend with bathroom vanities is leaning towards a more modern design rather than contemporary. People seem to prefer a minimalist design for their bathroom furniture nowadays and they prefer a sleek design over a more traditional design.

When you think about it, your bathroom is usually the first room that you enter once you get up in the morning. The way that it looks can have a significant impact on the rest of your day, so it is very important that you choose a bathroom vanity design that will put you in the best frame of mind.

Many modern bathrooms do not have a great deal of space available so a compact and minimalist 32 inch bathroom vanity is essential. Every bit of space in the bathroom must be well utilized so that it is not only functional but looks good too.

What kind of Sink for your Bathroom Vanity?

If you want a sink with your 32 inch bathroom vanity unit then you have a choice. It is important that you consider the shape of the sink that you want to go with your bathroom vanity. We have a wide range of vanity sinks available here to give you some ideas.

Always bear in mind that any sink will take up space. You can minimize the space that a sink takes up by choosing the right kind of vanity sink. There are 3 main types of sink that you can consider with your 32 inch bathroom vanity:

Integrated – an integrated vanity sink is directly built in to your countertop. The installation process is straightforward and you end up with a seamless combination of sink and vanity top.

Undermount – an undermount sink will fit underneath your countertop. Your countertop is actually the rim of the sink.

Vessel – a vessel sink sits on top of the counter. You can get a 32 inch bathroom vanity with a vessel sink included.


Choosing the right 32 inch bathroom vanity can make your bathroom look really special as well as adding some extra functionality. At Sink HQ we have a lot of experience and knowhow when it comes to bathroom vanities and vanity sinks. Please contact us here now for a no obligation discussion about your next 32 inch vanity.