Black Kitchen Sinks - Why They Are Growing In Popularity!

by Sinks HQ Blog on November 10, 2020
black kitchen sinks

Do you like the idea of a black kitchen sink? Perhaps a black farmhouse sink? Adding a black sink to a kitchen is something that is very much in vogue right now. The good thing about the color black is that it goes with just about everything. So no matter what kitchen décor you currently have, you can choose virtually any black sink and it will blend in nicely.

A black kitchen sink will make your kitchen look more sophisticated. It will really stand out and be a real talking point. At Sink HQ we have a wide range of black kitchen sinks, including black farmhouse sinks, which you can see here. You will get some good ideas when you check out what we have to offer.

When you consider that the majority of kitchen sinks are either stainless or white, you can make a great statement with a black kitchen sink. It is possible to get a black sink made from several different materials – even metal. If being unique means a lot to you then choosing a black farmhouse sink for example will set you apart from the rest.

Materials used to make Black Kitchen Sinks

You may be quite surprised at the materials used to make black sinks for your kitchen. There is quite a demand for the black stainless steel sink these days and black granite sinks usually get very good reviews. Other materials include:

  • Black composite sink
  • Black ceramic kitchen sink
  • Black stainless steel farmhouse sink
  • Black glass kitchen sink
  • Black quartz sink
  • Black granite kitchen sink
  • Black cast iron kitchen sink
  • Black plastic sink
  • Black porcelain kitchen sink
  • Black metal sink
  • Black stone sink
  • Black marble kitchen sink
  • Black fireclay farmhouse sink
  • Black resin sink

You are going to pay more for a natural stone black sink such as marble than you will for a stainless steel sink, so please bear this in mind. don’t go for a really cheap black kitchen sink as you will probably find that this is poor quality and will not last for very long. It is normal to get what you pay for when it comes to sinks.

What kind of Black Kitchen Sink do you want?

If you are interested in a black farm sink do you prefer do you prefer a black apron sink design or plain? Do you want a black double sink or is a black single sink more to your liking? Perhaps you prefer a matte black sink or you need something special like a black bar sink?

You can get a black sink and tap or make your own arrangements when it comes to faucets. Many people like the idea of a black sink tap to match their black kitchen sink. If you want a black kitchen mixer tap then you can find these available. The same goes for a black kitchen sink faucet.

Is your kitchen fairly small so you will require a small black sink? Or do you have the room to accommodate something larger such as a black stainless farmhouse sink? Remember that kitchens with black sinks are always going to make an impression, so it is essential that you make a good choice of the type of black kitchen sink to go for.

From a practical point of view, would it be better for you to go for a black undermount kitchen sink as opposed to a black drop in sink? How about a black sink drain? Will a matte black farmhouse sink be a good choice for you? When you want a kitchen with a black sink there are several decisions that you need to make.

There are specialty sinks available too such as a black RV kitchen sink, a black corner sink, a black butler sink, a round black sink, a black square sink, a black top mount sink, a deep black kitchen sink and more.

Faucet for your Black Kitchen Sink

We have already mentioned taps and faucets but it is worth going over this again as there is a lot of choice. Have you decided whether you want a black kitchen sink and tap combination? If so you could choose a stainless sink with a black faucet for example.

It is also possible to purchase a black kitchen mixer tap with pull out spray if you need this. You might be in the market for a black bar sink faucet. These are not that easy to find but they are certainly available. If you insist on having a black kitchen sink tap rather than another color then these are in plentiful supply.

To be different, you could go for a black and chrome kitchen tap. Black monoblock kitchen taps are fairly popular and you could also choose a black single lever kitchen tap. If you are going to provide your own faucet and you want this to be associated with the sink then you need to choose a black sink with tap hole.

What to look for in a Black Kitchen Sink

You want your black kitchen sink to be as hardwearing as possible so that it will last you a long time. If you are in the market for a black stainless steel kitchen sink then check that it is not just stainless steel with a black coating. These are cheaper, but the black coat will soon come off after regular use.

A black fireclay sink will cost you more, but it is likely to be very durable and also heat resistant. You want to make a wise investment with your black kitchen sink and if you can afford a natural stone sink then these can be a good choice. This is true if you are looking for a conventional sink or a black farmhouse sink.

If you want to avoid unsightly smudges then avoid a black porcelain sink as these are prone to them. Do you live in an area that has hard water? Any black sink made of metal in an area like this could stain easily.

One of the great things about a black kitchen sink is that you shouldn’t have to clean it as often as a sink of a lighter color. You will not be able to see dirt quite as easily as you would with a white sink or stainless steel finish. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean your black kitchen sink from time to time of course.

Final Words

As you can see, you have a lot of choice when it comes to black kitchen sinks and black farmhouse sinks. You need to think carefully about the type of sink that you want and the space that you have available in your kitchen.

At Sink HQ we are specialists in black kitchen sinks. All of the sinks that you see here have a black color option. If you need help choosing the right black kitchen sink then our expert team would be delighted to help you. Just contact us here.