Concrete Sinks - The NEW Trend In Sinks!

by Sinks HQ Blog on December 29, 2020
Concrete Sink

Are you interested in a concrete sink for your bathroom or kitchen? In this guide we will tell you all that you need to know about concrete sinks so that you can make the right purchase decision. It is important that you have all of the important information about standard or custom concrete sinks so that you make the right choice for your home.

Concrete sinks have risen in popularity over the last few years. The reason for this is that people really like the rugged appearance of the concrete. Whether it’s a concrete basin or a concrete bathroom sink there is something magical about the imperfection of it.

Many homeowners now consider concrete as the “go to” material for their homes. There is a lot to like about concrete. It is a versatile material that is also very strong. This is just what you need for your bathroom. The addition of a concrete bathroom basin makes total sense.

Don’t go for a concrete sink if you are looking for a material that is flawless. Concrete will never be flawless, but it has a great look to it. The unfinished texture of concrete makes it look very unique and if you like the “industrial look” then a concrete bathroom sink or concrete kitchen sink is the ideal choice.


Why you should consider a Concrete Sink for your Bathroom or Kitchen

Concrete Sinks In Various Colors

When you have a concrete sink in your bathroom or kitchen (or both) you will truly add a unique flair to your rooms. By choosing a beautifully crafted concrete sink you are truly making a statement.

You may be thinking that concrete is not really a practical material to use in your bathroom or kitchen. This is not the case. Concrete is very practical and you will benefit from using your concrete basin every day.

One of the best reasons to get a concrete sink is the style that it will bring to your home. With concrete being so versatile you can have a sink in the shape that you want and with the finish that you want. Yes a concrete sink does blend in very well if you like an industrial design, but the truth is that concrete sinks can work well with any design.

If you have a modern design for your bathroom or kitchen then a concrete sink will work with it. The same goes for country and rustic designs as well as traditional designs. There are many concrete sink styles available and there is sure to be one that suits the design of your rooms.

"A concrete sink is a beautiful thing."

You can take advantage of the natural color variations concrete has to match your concrete basin with a wide range of different and unique styles. It is fairly easy to tint your concrete sink using a wide range of colors and shades so that it will perfectly match your existing design.

You have the choice of different finishes with your concrete sink. Some people prefer a more matte appearance whereas others like to go for a concrete sink that has a more polished and smooth appearance. The choice is yours.

With concrete products you know that you will get durability and strength. Concrete is used in the construction of buildings so you know that it is very strong and tough. If you take care of your concrete sinks then you can easily expect them to serve you well for 50 years or more.


Is your bathroom always busy?

For a lot of families, the bathroom is one of the busiest places in the home. A bathroom sink gets a lot of punishment through continual use, and when you choose a concrete wash basin, it will withstand heavy use a lot better than sinks made from other materials will. Some sinks look tired and worn out quickly – your concrete sink will not.

There is some maintenance require with concrete sinks but not a lot. When you purchase your concrete sink it will arrive pre-sealed. We recommend that you reseal it every ten years or so. Every month you can use a polishing wax to keep your concrete basin sink in the best possible condition.

It is not difficult to fix any blemishes that may occur with your concrete sink. Because concrete is a very versatile material, you can repair any damage pretty easily. It will not take a great deal of time and effort to patch up your sink and reseal it.


What types of Concrete Sink can you get?

Large Grey Concrete Bathroom Sink

There are many different types of concrete sink available to you. With a custom concrete sink you can specify the dimensions that you require. It is possible for you to have a concrete sink made to your exact width, depth and length dimensions that you specify.

If you want a concrete trough sink then you can have it. This can be great for a family to share the sink at the same time. A concrete double sink is also an option as is a concrete vessel sink if you have limited space.

There are different colors and textures available for concrete sinks. Don’t think that the only color option is that “concrete gray” because this is certainly not the case. You can have your concrete sink in virtually any color that you want these days. It is straight forward to tint a concrete sink so you have a great deal of choice when it comes to color.

You also have different options available for the texture of your concrete sink. If you prefer the “rough hewn” style then that is available. It’s possible to have your sink polished and smooth as well and the matte look is very popular too.


Here are some of the styles of concrete sinks for sale that we carry:

Concrete vessel sink with an oval design with exterior wall 3/8 inch thick
Concrete vessel sink with an oval design with exterior wall 3/8 inch thick
Concrete round bowl vessel sink that has a modern sleek design
Concrete round bowl vessel sink that has a modern sleek design
Concrete sink with round bowl design washbasin modern and sleek
Concrete sink with round bowl design washbasin modern and sleek
Rectangle design concrete vessel sink with thick 3/8 inch exterior wall
Rectangle design concrete vessel sink with thick 3/8 inch exterior wall
Boston style concrete vessel sink modern washbasin
Boston style concrete vessel sink modern washbasin
Reno style modern and sleek concrete washbasin

As you can see from this list, you can choose a round basin design, an oval design, a rectangular design and so on. Whatever you need it should be available with a concrete sink. So take your time and plan the design for your bathroom or kitchen that you want.

Concrete vessel sinks are particularly popular at the moment. These small sinks just look great and will add a touch of style and uniqueness to your home. You will always find a wide variety of concrete vessel sinks available because there is such a big demand for them.


Caring for your Concrete Sink

White Vessel Concrette Sink by Concretti Designs

Concrete has a porous surface which requires sealing so that discoloration and stains are prevented. Check with your supplier to see if your concrete sink is pre-sealed (they usually are). When you do need to reseal your concrete sink it is important that you choose the right sealant for the job.

There are urethane epoxy sealers available that will help to prevent staining of your sink and will keep moisture at bay. The problem is that urethane epoxy sealant has a very “plasticy” look which can really spoil the natural look of your concrete sink.

You should choose a penetrating sealant that will help preserve the natural look of your sink. These sealants may cost a little more than the urethane epoxy sealers but it is worth the additional expense to keep the natural appearance of your sink.

Monthly maintenance of your concrete sink is a good idea. You can use a wax or polishing agent to keep your sink in the best possible condition. By doing this regularly, you will prevent the need for a complete resealing of your sink for at least ten years.

Unfortunately, concrete sinks are not immune from discoloration or stains. A concrete kitchen sink is more likely to suffer from discoloration or staining due to the use of acidic foods such as vinegar, red wine or lemon juice. If you allow these to seep into your sink then you are likely to end up with staining or discoloration.

It is less likely that a concrete bathroom sink experience discoloration or staining but it is still possible. If you do find a stain or discoloration with your concrete sink then you can purchase materials to fix the problem. You will need to first remove the stain or discoloration and then reapply the finish.

If you do not want to do this job yourself then you should be able to find a professional that will do the work for you. They will have the right materials to get rid of the stain or discoloration. Often, professionals use a diamond pad which is very fine to eradicate the problem and then they will make everything look like new again by reapplying the finish.


The Pros and Cons of a Concrete Sink

Round Vessel Concrete Sink

Concrete sinks offer many advantages to you but they are not perfect (a sink made from any material is never perfect). So here we will examine the pros and cons of concrete sinks so that you know what you are in for.



  1. A concrete sink is unique. If you want something different for your home then a concrete sink is the way to go. You can purchase a concrete sink in a variety of styles, colors and finishes to match your existing décor. You can also go for a custom concrete sink made to your specific dimensions and style requirements.
  2. Concrete sinks are sturdy and durable. If you take care of your concrete sink then it will serve you well for a very long time. Concrete is a strong material and is able to withstand daily knocks a lot better than other materials will. It is not easy to damage a concrete sink.
  3. A concrete sink is a much more affordable alternative to granite or marble. Not only will your concrete sink look great in your home but it will last far longer than sinks made from other materials.
  4. Concrete sinks do not require a lot of maintenance. Polishing your concrete sink and using a wax on a monthly basis will help to preserve your concrete sink in excellent condition. There will be a need to reseal your sink now and again, but if you take good care of it then you will only have to do this every ten years or so.
  5. It is easy to fix stains or discoloration with concrete sinks. Sometimes a concrete sink may suffer from discoloration or staining. If this happens then you can get rid of the discoloration or staining fairly easily and then reapply the finish to the affected area so that your sink looks like new again.


  1. A concrete sink is unlikely to have a perfect finish that you can get with other materials. There are natural variations with concrete in terms of texture and color so if you want a perfect link then you may want to look for a sink made from a different material.
  2. Concrete is strong and tough but it is not going to be as hard as granite for example. Concrete is a porous material and you will need to seal it to keep moisture out and prevent staining or discoloration. Fortunately this is easy to do.

    What is the cost of a Concrete Sink?

    Grey Oval Shaped Concrete Sink

    The cost of a concrete sink will vary depending on what you want. A custom concrete sink can cost a few hundred dollars depending on the size requirements and the style that you want. Smaller concrete vessel sinks tend to start from around $250 if you go for a quality brand such as Concretti.

    We would always recommend that you go for a quality concrete sink. It is worth spending that little extra and having the peace of mind that your concrete sink will last you a very long time.

    If you choose a lower priced sink it will probably not be as durable and you may experience problems with it soon after purchase.

    Final Thoughts

    Purchasing a concrete sink for your bathroom is a very good idea. People that see your new sink will marvel at how good it looks and will compliment you on making such a good choice. With the tough nature of concrete, you will have a sink that will last you a very long time if you take good care of it.

    The rising popularity of concrete sinks is no surprise. Concrete is a very versatile material and it is possible to get a concrete sink in the style and color that you want. It will be easy for you to find a concrete sink that will match your existing décor.

    At SinksHQ we have a great deal of experience with concrete sinks. You can see our fine range of concrete sinks here. If you have any questions about purchasing a concrete sink we will be delighted to help you. Please contact us here today.