Copper Bathroom Sinks - Styles That Fit Any Bathroom!

by Sinks HQ Blog on January 12, 2021

Copper bathroom sinks are extremely popular now. This includes copper vessel sinks, which are all the rage. People just love that copper finish and the beauty and warmth is adds to their bathroom. It doesn’t matter if your bathroom décor has a traditional, modern, contemporary or vintage feel, copper will always blend in very well.

These days there is a great variety of copper bathroom sinks available. Almost anything goes and whatever you can imagine you can normally find. You will add so much character to your bathroom with copper vessel sinks and we have a great range for you to choose from here.

You may already know that copper develops a patina over time, which not only protects it but makes it look beautiful as well. It is important that you allow the patina to develop fully, as it is part of copper’s natural aging process. A copper patina is more durable than it looks.

The Benefits of Copper Bathroom Sinks and Copper Vessel Sinks

When you have a copper sink in your bathroom it will really stand out. Your visitors will admire it and will talk about it a lot. If you want to remodel your bathroom, then copper wash basins really are an excellent choice. Investing in copper for your bathroom is a very good decision.

Copper is a very durable material that retains its beauty, integrity and strength even when it is recycled. When you invest in copper bathroom sinks, you will never have to content with any corrosion or rust as you may do with other materials.

It is really easy to care for copper bathroom sinks and copper vessel sinks. Just wipe them down occasionally and you are good to go. Copper has a natural self healing characteristic which is perfect for hiding any scratches.

If a scratch does appear in your copper bathroom sink then leave it for a few days and you will see that it will begin to darken. The scratch will blend in with the natural color of the patina and it will almost disappear. You will find it really hard to spot the scratch after a short while.

Copper bathroom sinks will last you a long time. Unlike sinks made from other materials they will not rust or crack as time passes. The natural patina that forms on all copper sinks deepens in time and looks amazing.

Copper bathroom sinks have health benefits too. They are antibacterial because harmful bacteria cannot live on copper for very long as it can with other materials that sinks are made from. You will not require any disinfectants or other antibacterial cleaning products when you own a copper sink.

When you wash in your copper vessel sink, small amounts of copper transfer to your body and this helps to reduce inflammation. Copper has a restorative effect on your body every time that you are exposed to it.

Did you know that many anti-wrinkle treatments contain copper? The reason for this is that copper helps to develop collagen in your body which you need to fill in any lines that you may have. As you use your copper bathroom sink to wash, you will encounter small copper particles that your skin will absorb and use to produce more collagen.

Many health experts say that using a copper vessel sink helps to moisturize your skin. Copper can also reduce skin irritations and also help with skin regeneration and the healing of any wounds. It is no surprise to find copper in the vast majority of skincare products.

Different Styles of Copper Bathroom Sinks

You will be pleased to know that there are many different types of copper bathroom sinks available. Bathrooms with copper sinks look warm and inviting and you can choose from many different options. Here are some of the more common types of copper bathroom sinks:

  • Copper vessel sinks
  • Copper vanity sinks
  • Small copper sinks
  • Copper pedestal sinks
  • Copper trough sink
  • Round copper sink
  • Copper bucket sink
  • Hammered copper bathroom sink
  • Copper undermount bathroom sink
  • Hammered copper vessel sink
  • Copper drop in bathroom sink
  • Oval copper sink
  • Copper vessel sink with faucet
  • Square copper sink
  • Rustic copper sink

There are also some different color options when it comes to copper sinks for your bathroom. You can choose really shiny copper or go for a deeper brown shading. In addition, you can choose a smooth finish or go for a hammered finish. The hammered finish will hide any minor dents and so on.

Things to consider when purchasing Copper Bathroom Sinks

You do not want to end up with an inferior copper bathroom sink as they can damage easy and will not last you as long as a good quality one will. Most good quality copper sinks consist of 99% copper with 1% zinc. In some inferior copper sinks you might find mercury or lead (or both) so check the purity of any copper sink you are interested in.

Good quality copper bathroom sinks and copper vessel sinks use thick copper in their construction. This is the “gauge “of the copper and you want to go for a sink that has at least 14 or 16 gauge copper.

Another sign of good quality with copper bathroom sinks is that the seams are welded. The alternative to welding is soldering which is an inferior process. Over time, soldered seams can split and break rendering your sink pretty useless. A properly welded seam on your copper sink will never break or weaken.

Caring for your Copper Bathroom Sink or Copper Vessel Sink

Although copper is not a high-maintenance material, it is wise to take care of it as much as you can so that it maintains its naturally attractive look. This is not difficult to do at all. Let’s start with things that you must not do and the types of things that you need to avoid.

Never use any abrasive or harsh cleaning materials, brushes or chemicals. Keep acidic substances away like citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, pineapples etc) and keep mustard away from your sink.

To clean your copper sink you just need to use warm water and a mild soap. Each time that you use your copper bathroom sink be sure to wipe it dry using a soft cloth. You can avoid mineral deposits and water spots by applying special wax for copper sinks. In addition, there are some special gentle cleaning materials for copper sinks that will provide great results.

Final Words

At Sink HQ we have a great deal of knowhow and experience when it comes to copper bathroom sinks and copper vessel sinks. We would be delighted to discuss your copper sink requirements with you with no obligation. Please contact us here today.