Copper Farmhouse Sinks - The Guide To a Copper Kitchen!

by Sinks HQ Blog on October 08, 2020
Copper Farmhouse Sinks

If you are considering a copper farmhouse sink for your kitchen then this is a very good choice. You will not see many kitchens with a copper farm sink which is a large part of its appeal. Copper sinks are pretty unique and certainly interesting.

Although more people are seeing the benefit of having a copper farmhouse kitchen sink, some go off of the idea because they think that their kitchen copper sink will turn green very quickly. This is a common myth about copper farmhouse sinks and is not true at all. We will explain why in this guide.


Why should you consider a Copper Farm Sink?

Copper Farm Kitchen Sink with Flower Design

Let’s talk about copper to start with. Man has been using copper for tens of thousands of years. You will find it used for all kinds of cooking implements, coins and even statues. Copper has been around that long that it was the base metal that kicked off all of the Bronze Age alloys.

Copper is a scarce resource on the planet. Over 80% of all the copper that human beings ever mined you will still see in use today. One of the major advantages of copper is that it has good anti-microbial qualities. This is why you see it used a lot in the food industry as well as in public buildings where there is a lot of human traffic.

A copper farmhouse sink is not just for a farm house. Their popularity is rising all of the time as people love the way that they look and their practical uses. The first copper farm sink was made in the 1600’s in the United Kingdom and Ireland. These were large sinks that held a lot of water. They were ideal for washing a lot of dishes at a time.


Types of Copper Farmhouse Sinks

Now you can get your copper farm sink in an array of styles and sizes. If you want your copper sink split into two (or more) different basins you can have that. Usually copper farmhouse sinks follow traditional dimensions, which mean that they are deep and wide.

When you are looking for a kitchen copper sink you will find that a lot of those available have an “apron” design at the front. The copper apron sink provides you with some protection against splashing water all over yourself.

If you like to use a lot of different pots when you are cooking, or you have a large family and therefore a large amount of dishes to contend with, copper farm sinks make a lot of sense. Because they tend to be deep and wide you can fit more pots and dishes into them.

Copper sinks are also useful when it comes to cooking. You will have a lot of room to dress your meat, wash your vegetables, drain your pasta and do a lot more without making a lot of visible mess.

Here are some of the different types of copper farmhouse sink that you can find:


  • Single bowl copper kitchen sink
  • D-Shape vine design front apron copper kitchen sink
  • Double bowl copper kitchen sink with front apron
  • Double bowl three flowers and petals copper apron sink
  • Double bowl sunflower design copper apron sink
  • Double bowl vertical parallel lines copper apron sink
  • Double bowl five grape copper apron sink
  • Double bowl petal front kitchen copper apron sink

Some people prefer a hammered copper farmhouse sink. The hammered effect looks really good and usually gives the copper sink an antique feel. There are other designs that you can go for as well. You really have a great deal of choice.

Most of the copper farm sinks available have either a single bowl design or a double bowl. If you have a fair amount of room in your kitchen then you could choose a sink that has a drainboard as well.

When you install a copper farmhouse kitchen sink it is usual for to install the faucet in the counter rather than adding it to the sink itself. This provides you with more options for choosing a faucet. A lot of people go for a detachable head faucet that has a pull down sprayer feature. This makes it easier to rinse all the corners of your copper kitchen sink.

The copper apron sink is a popular choice. Your sink can have a flat front or a rounded or other shaped front that will protrude from the counter top. Another advantage of a copper farm sink is that you can choose from many different designs with the apron. Most of the other farmhouse sink materials do not have this option.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a copper farmhouse sink is “old fashioned”. While it is true that they tend to have a traditional design, they will also give your kitchen a truly modern look. Kitchens with copper sinks really stand out and your visitors will notice them as an outstanding centerpiece.


What are the Advantages of a Hammered Copper Farmhouse Sink?

You can choose from a hammered copper farm sink or a smooth one. What’s the difference? Well most smooth copper farmhouse sinks are made using a mold and mass produced. An artisan will create a hammered copper farmhouse sink as it is an art form.

It all depends on the style of your kitchen. If you want an industrial or modern design then a smooth copper farm sink is likely to be the best option. But for a more traditional kitchen, even a rustic style or a contemporary style, a hammered copper farmhouse sink will really look the part.

One advantage that a hammered sink has over a smooth sink is that it will not show those inevitable dings and scratches as much. The hammered effect tends to hide these pretty well. Usually a hammered copper farm sink will have greater structural integrity than a smooth sink.

The practice of hammering copper has been around for centuries. This is because the hammering will improve the durability, strength and longevity of the copper. You are never going to find a perfectly shaped hammered copper farmhouse sink but they should always be close to square or rounded.


Materials for Farmhouse Sinks and Installation considerations

Don’t think that all farmhouse sinks are copper. It is a style and farmhouse sinks are available made from a range of different materials. These include:


  • Copper
  • Fireclay
  • Stainless steel
  • Composite stone
  • Cast iron

The most popular is the copper farmhouse sink. But be aware that other materials are available. It is very likely that your new copper farm sink will be larger than the existing sink that you have in your kitchen. So if you are remodeling you need to take this into account.

Copper farmhouse sinks are heavy and you will need to ensure that the structure it will sit in has the strength to support the weight. It can be a little trickier to install a copper farm sink than other kinds of sinks. You will probably find that your copper sink will sit below the counter lip and has an undermount design.

Although copper farmhouse sinks are heavy they are not as heavy as some of the other materials used to make farmhouse sinks. If you want to customize the layout of your countertop and your sink then you will find copper is much easier to work with than some of the other materials.


What Gauge of Copper?

The gauge of the copper used for your sink will determine how well it will stand the test of time. Gauge of a metal is the standard used to measure thickness. It is all about the weight of the metal per square foot. The thickest gauge will have the lowest number.

With copper, the thinnest is 20 gauge and the thickest is 14 gauge. You will see that the gauge or thickness of copper farm sinks varies a lot. To choose the right gauge of copper kitchen sink you need to think about the usage. If you are going to use your sink a lot and bombard it with pots, tools and so on regularly then go for a thicker gauge.

It is going to cost you a bit more to purchase a thicker gauge copper farm sink but the additional expense is worth it. If you go for the lighter gauge sink then it will be more susceptible to dents. Usually, copper farmhouse sinks are available from 14 gauge to 18 gauge.


Copper Patina and taking care of your Sink

It is a myth that your copper farm sink will soon turn green. While it is true that copper can develop a green effect, it has a way of naturally protecting itself from minerals that can make it corrode. The copper forms a “patina” which makes it corrosion resistant and helps to maintain its natural look.

We recommend that you clean your copper farmhouse sink by rinsing it well after you use it and sometimes using a little dish soap. After a while, your copper kitchen sink will develop its patina which will give it a true finish.

Some people are not happy with the look of the patina effect and if you want to prevent the patina from occurring you can do so by regularly wiping your sink dry after every use and then applying wax to it every two to three weeks.

When you are cleaning your copper farm sink never use rough brushes or sponges and harsh cleaning materials. Anything that has an acidic content such as a pineapple or a lemon can damage your sink so be careful of this. If your sink does suffer any acidic damage it will try to repair itself.

If you are prepared to let the natural patina affect run its course then there will be a change in the finish of your copper sink over time. You can actually purchase a copper farmhouse kitchen sink in a variety of different styles.

An aged sink will have a vibrant finish that provides a warm look. Your sink will have the patina look all over and this makes it more durable and the look is consistent. There is very little maintenance required with an aged finish.

Some people prefer the antique look with a copper kitchen sink. With this finish, the sink has a light to medium tone which makes the sink look like an antique. If you prefer a really raw looking sink then it is possible to go for a naked finish. This is copper at its shiniest but you will have to work to keep the shine going.


Other things to consider when purchasing a Copper Farmhouse Sink

You may find some copper kitchen sinks that have soldered seams. This is not a good thing as the seams tend to turn a gray color after a while and worse still they will often leak. Some of the cheaper copper sinks have their seams welded together with the use of copper rods. Go for a more expensive sink that does not have any of this. It will save you in the long term.

Examine a copper sink for signs of staining. The occasional contact with an acidic substance should not cause a stain and your copper farm sink will repair itself over time. But if a copper kitchen sink has had to endure regular contact with acids then staining can be a problem. Unsightly blemishes can result from acidic stains.

It is not usual to use sealants with copper sinks. If sealants are used then you can lose some of the advantages that the copper sink provides. Don’t accept any copper farmhouse sink that includes sealants.


The Pros and Cons of Copper Farm Sinks


  • A copper farm sink is a beautiful thing that will stand out in your kitchen. When you allow the natural patina process to take place your sink will have an enriched beauty about it.
  • As cooper has strong anti-microbial properties it is an excellent choice for your kitchen. You can use your copper farmhouse sink to prepare all of your food and wash your pots and dishes and it will stay safe.
  • Another advantage of a copper kitchen sink is that it will not corrode with use and time unlike other materials. The natural patina of the copper will protect it from rust and corrosion.
  • A copper farm sink is larger than conventional sinks so you will have more room to do everything.
  • You can get your copper farmhouse sink in a variety of different styles. If you want the hammered look then you can go for that or choose the smooth look if you have a modern kitchen design.


  • Copper farmhouse sinks are heavy and you will need to ensure that your kitchen cabinet structure can support the additional weight.
  • It will take some effort to keep your copper sink looking good but this is worth it.
  • Copper kitchen sinks are not cheap but they are worth the money
  • You need to be careful with acidic materials as these can cause staining.


D-Shape Copper Farm Sink with woven design

A copper farmhouse sink is a truly beautiful thing. It will be the centerpiece of your kitchen and a talking point for all who see it.

No matter what style of kitchen you currently have, a copper farm sink will blend in perfectly.We have a range of high quality copper farmhouse sinks that you can see here.

If you have any questions we would be delighted to answer them, so please contact us here. You will never regret purchasing a copper farm sink.