Copper Faucets For Kitchen & Bathroom

by Sinks HQ Blog on January 02, 2021

If you are interested in copper faucets then you are certainly in the right place. It can be quite overwhelming for people to make the right choice when it comes to a copper kitchen faucet or even copper bathroom faucets. So please use this guide to help you make the right decision.

There are faucets made from all kinds of materials. Therefore, the first thing that we want you to understand is why choosing a copper kitchen tap or copper bathroom taps is a good idea. So let’s start off by taking a look at the different materials that faucets are made of.

Different Types of Faucet Materials

You can get faucets for your kitchen and bathroom in a variety of materials these days. We are focusing on copper faucets here, but we want you to know how they compare to faucets made from other materials.

Copper Faucets

Copper has a totally unmistakable look about it and when you use a copper faucet in either your kitchen or bathroom it will really stand out. You get a really rich feeling with copper faucets, and they can mix really well with the different types of countertops such as marble for example.

One of the biggest advantages of copper is that it is antibacterial. Bacteria cannot live very long on copper as it can on other materials. There is also a “self healing” characteristic with copper that other materials don’t have.

If a scratch appears on a copper faucet, it will gradually become darker within a few days. Copper develops a natural film called a “patina” and given enough time, scratches will blend with the patina and seem to disappear.

You will need to take care of a copper faucet so that it always remains shiny and distinctive in its appearance. As your copper faucet ages, a beautiful looking patina develops that will protect the metal.

Polished Brass Faucets

You may already know that brass is an alloy of zinc and copper so it will have some of the advantages that copper has. Polished brass has been a favorite material for faucets for many years. If you want a vintage feel for your kitchen or bathroom then it can be a good choice.

It is quite easy to clean polished brass and it should be fairly easy for you to match it with your existing décor. The biggest drawback with polished brass is the cost. Faucets made from this material are usually the most expensive available.

Satin Brass Faucets

Satin brass differs from polished brass in that it has a brushed look. Faucets made from satin brass can look good without being too over the top. It has more of a matte finish than polished brass or copper. It is not that easy to find satin brass faucets and they will certainly be expensive.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucets

Bronze is another alloy that contains both copper and tin. The oil rubbed bronze faucet may be worth considering if you want to give your bathroom or kitchen a more traditional appearance. Again, this can be a very expensive material and your faucets will cost more if you decide to go for oil rubbed bronze.

Satin Bronze Faucets

If you want something in between oil rubbed bronze and copper then satin bronze does have a pretty smooth finish. But the problem is that faucets made from satin bronze are fairly rare and if you do find them you will end up paying a premium.

Polished Nickel Faucets

Polished nickel faucets are popular with some people that are looking for a shiny and smooth finish but do not want to go for chrome. Some people say that polished nickel faucets change color when subjected to different lighting arrangements. It can be difficult to match polished nickel and faucets made from this material tend to be more expensive.

Brushed Nickel Faucets

An alternative to polished nickel is the brushed nickel material. A faucet made from brushed nickel has a softer look and these taps have been around for a while now. Polished nickel is reasonably affordable and durable but you may find that it doesn’t match well in your kitchen or bathroom.

Chrome Faucets

There are a lot of chrome faucets available and they used to be very popular but other materials such as copper are gradually catching up. Chrome faucets are pretty affordable and they tend to match well with most decors. The main problem with chrome faucets is that fingerprints and water spots show up on them very easily.

Types of Copper Faucets Available

There are quite a few different types of copper faucet available and we want you to know about the most common ones so that you make the right choice. So here are the most popular copper faucets you are likely to come across:

  • Copper kitchen faucets
  • Copper bathroom faucets
  • Brushed copper taps
  • Copper pot fillers
  • Antique copper kitchen faucet
  • Copper pull out kitchen tap
  • Black and copper kitchen tap
  • Copper pipe faucet
  • Vintage copper taps
  • Copper kitchen faucet with sprayer
  • Copper kitchen mixer tap
  • Copper bar faucets
  • Copper tub spout
  • Antique copper bathroom faucet
  • Copper wall mount faucet
  • Copper bath faucet
  • Copper mixer shower
  • Handmade copper taps
  • Copper tap mixer

There are more than this. These days you can get copper faucet accessories for your shower for example. With copper being such a versatile material that has good antibacterial qualities, the demand for all kinds of copper faucets continues to grow.

Faucets made from brass and bronze do have a copper element to them so they have some of the good characteristics that copper has. Nevertheless, they are not the same as faucets made from pure copper.

Taking Care of your Copper Faucets

Now that you have made the wise decision to invest in copper faucets, you need to know how to take good care of them. Be sure to give your copper faucets a wipe over after using them as you don’t want any calcium stains appearing as any water on the faucet dries.

Sometimes, you may feel that your copper faucets have lost their luster a little. You can easily remedy this with liquid dish soap (non citrus) and a sponge that will not scratch. Just use this combination to go over the entire surface of your faucet. Be sure to rinse off afterwards and dry with a dish towel.

There are special waxes that you can buy especially for copper that will really make your copper faucets shine. All you need to do is spray the wax on the faucet and then use a soft cloth to wipe. Never use any cleaning agents that contain bleach, ammonia or abrasives on your copper faucets.


Copper kitchen faucets and copper bathroom faucets have a beautiful look to them and will really stand out. At Sink HQ we have a lot of experience with copper faucets and would love to help you make the right choice. Contact us here today for a free, no obligation discussion.