Drop In Bathroom Sinks - A MUST Read Before Buying!

by Sinks HQ Blog on January 06, 2021

Drop in bathroom sinks, sometimes called self-rimming bathroom sinks, are growing in popularity now. For years, drop in sinks were more associated with kitchens, but times change and now they are popular in the bathroom as well.

The main advantage of drop in bathroom sinks is that they tend to be easier to install. You will often find that drop in sinks for the bathroom are less expensive than other types. They also look really good as well. Investing in a small drop in bathroom sink (or even a larger one) is always a good idea.

You have the choice of using a faucet mounted on either the countertop or the sink itself when you install a drop in bathroom sink. We have a wide range of drop in bathroom sinks available and you can get some great ideas by looking here.

One common characteristic of a self-rimming sink for your bathroom is that they usually have rounded edges. The edge of a drop in bathroom sink provides support for it when you install it in your countertop.

The Advantages of Drop In Bathroom Sinks

There are several advantages to purchasing and installing self-rimming bathroom sinks. People like to have self-rimming sinks in their bathrooms for many reasons. Here are the major advantages of drop in sinks for the bathroom:

They look great – a drop in bathroom sink can look really great. It is nice to see the sink fit seamlessly with the counter top and with the wide variety of colors and designs available, it will be easy for you to choose a self-rimming bathroom sink that matches your existing décor perfectly.

You get fewer leaks – the design of most drop in bathroom sinks is fairly simple. These sinks usually have a robust design that helps to prevent leakage. As most drop in sinks have a single mold construction it is much less likely that leaks will appear due to there being few seams in the sink.

They are affordable – you will usually find that drop in bathroom sinks are a lot more affordable than other types of bathroom sinks. The simplistic design of the drop in sink is a major contributor to the lower price.

The majority of drop in sinks are manufactured using a steel injection process, which is a very efficient method of production. As there is a growing demand for drop in bathroom sinks this helps to push the prices down as well.

Easy to match in – no matter what kind of décor you currently have in your bathroom, it should be reasonably easy for you to find a self-rimming bathroom sink to match or blend in well. As you will see later on in this post, there is a wide range of styles and colors for you to choose from.

The installation process is straightforward – there is nothing too complicated about installing drop in bathroom sinks. Most people are able to successfully able to install a self-rimming bathroom sink themselves using a few simple tools. You can see how easy it is to install one of these sinks below.

More durable than an undermount sink – drop in sinks have their weight supported by the bathroom countertop and as a result, they can handle more weight than undermount sinks. They also tend to be more resilient when it comes to rough handling too. So if you have young children using the bathroom, investing in a drop in bathroom sink is ideal.

They are sanitary – when you install an undermount sink there are usually crevices and seams which can be quite a challenge to keep clean. Mold and bacteria can easily gather in these crevices and seams. A drop in bathroom sink is a lot easier to keep clean so they tend to have a higher sanitary level.

You can see from the benefits above that it makes a lot of sense to invest in a drop in sink for your bathroom. We can provide you with the highest quality drop in bathroom sinks so please take a look at the wide range we have to offer here.

Different Styles and Colors of Drop In Bathroom Sinks

You will be pleasantly surprised at the comprehensive range of styles and colors that are available with drop in sinks for your bathroom. We will look at some of the options here. Let’s start with the different styles of trop in bathroom sinks:

  • Oval drop in bathroom sinks
  • Drop in vanity sinks
  • Small drop in sinks
  • Large drop in bathroom sinks
  • Square drop in bathroom sinks
  • Rectangular drop in bathroom sinks
  • Round drop in bathroom sinks
  • Drop in trough sinks
  • Copper drop in bathroom sinks
  • Porcelain drop in bathroom sinks
  • Stone drop in bathroom sinks
  • Oil rubbed bronze drop in bathroom sinks
  • Stainless steel bathroom sinks drop in
  • American Standard drop in sinks
  • Ceramic drop in sinks

You have some color choices with your drop in sink for the bathroom as well including:

  • White drop in bathroom sinks
  • Black drop in bathroom sinks
  • Blue drop in bathroom sinks
  • Decorative drop in bathroom sinks

You can find other colors as well, but white is the firm favorite here. Another thing that you need to decide is the “hole” configuration that your bathroom drop in sink will require. It is possible to obtain a drop in sink without faucet holes for example, and from a drainage perspective, the most common type is the single hole drop in bathroom sink.

Bathroom drop in sinks also come in a variety of different sizes. The 24 inch drop in bathroom sink is a popular choice as is the 19 inch round drop in bathroom sink. You can also choose a smaller 15 inch drop in bathroom sink if that is more suitable. Make sure that you take accurate measurements so that you purchase the right size of sink.

Installing your Drop in Bathroom Sink

When you purchase a new self-rimming bathroom sink it is usual to receive a cutting template for the hole you will need in your countertop. Use a pencil or soft tip pen to mark around the template, and then use a saw to make the appropriate hole.

With the hole cut in the countertop, you now need to apply putty (special drop in sink adhesive) around the edges. Then place your drop in sink into the hole and press it into place firmly. Make sure that you remove any excess putty from around the sink.

If your drop in sink has mounting clips then be sure to use these as they will help to keep your sink firmly in place. Usually there are bolts with the mounting clips so make sure that you tighten these fully.

Final Words

Drop in bathroom sinks have many benefits and we have a team of experts here at Sink HQ that will be delighted to help you with any questions that you may have about them. Please contact us here today so that we can discuss your drop in sink requirements.