Glass Vessel Sinks - The Guide to a Beautiful Bathroom!

by Sinks HQ Blog on October 12, 2020
Glass Vessel Sink

If you want to add a true touch of elegance to your home then a glass vessel sink is one of the best ways to do this. Glass vessel sinks are really eye catching and will stand out as the focal point of a room. You will be making a real statement when you make a choice from the various glass vessel bathroom sinks available.

It will not be difficult for you to find a glass vessel sink that matches your existing décor. Whether you are looking for a modern style or even a minimalist style you will be able to find what you are looking for.

Here we will provide you with all of the important information that you need to know before you purchase a glass sink bowl. We want you to make the very best purchase decision and end up with the right glass bathroom sink that will meet your needs.

We will take a look at the different styles of glass vessel sinks, how they are made, the pros and cons of buying them and more. You will not find a more comprehensive guide on the small glass bowl basin anywhere else.


The Different types of Glass Vessel Sinks

Turquoise Glass Vessel Sink by Eden Bath

The first thing that you need to know about glass vessel sinks is that you will need to install a faucet separately. You will not find a glass vessel sink that has the holes available for a faucet. You need to add this to the counter top.

You are really spoiled for choice when it comes to the range of glass vessel sinks available. If you want a square glass vessel sink then you can easily find one. The same goes for rectangular glass vessel sinks. There are plenty of round glass sinks available as well.

If you want to go to the next level of elegance in your bathroom then you can go for a custom glass sink. These are particularly stunning and a great talking point. With a custom glass vessel sink you will have a real centerpiece for your home that your visitors will admire and talk about.

There are many different manufacturers of glass vessel sinks. At the top end of the market are Bear Creek Glass and we can provide you with their custom glass vessel sinks with a variety of color options. Here is the Bear Creek Glass custom glass sink range that we have for you:

Classic bowl custom made undermount sink
Custom glass vessel sink splash bowl available in blue luster, clear, dark tortoise, desert and emerald isle colors
Custom glass vessel sink water bowl available in amber, aqua, copper blue, gold and strawberry colors
Custom made vessel sink in glass classic available in aqua stringer, blue green optic twist, blue luster, Caribbean twist, dark tortoise, desert, emerald isle, hydrangea petals, ivory, tortoise shell, twisted smoke and twisted tiger colors

    You can have your glass vessel sink in all manner of colors and styles. Clear glass vessel sinks are popular because they are easy to match with any décor that you have. Clear vessel sinks will always look good in your bathroom and they are easy to keep clean.

    You can also get a glass bathroom sink in other colors such as blue, red, green, and a multitude of other shades. If you have a particular color scheme in your room then you should not find it too difficult to find a glass vessel sink that will match. If you can’t quite find the perfect match then the clear glass vessel sink is the best choice.

    With this kind of choice available it is always a good idea to have a particular style in mind before you start looking for your glass vessel sink. You are likely to pay more for a rectangular or square glass sink over a conventional round one, and you will certainly pay more for a custom design glass sink.

    Always bear in mind that your glass vessel sink will last you a long time so spending more to get what you really want is the best way to do it. Treat it as an investment in your home. The whole family is going to love a high quality glass vessel sink and your friends will not stop talking about it.


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    Tempered Glass Vessel Sinks

    Teal Glass Vessel Sink

    Most glass vessel sinks are made from tempered glass. This is good as tempered glass is heat resistant and it is resistant to most cleaning chemicals found in households. There are several other reasons why tempered glass is a good option:

    Tempered glass is safer – it is not easy to break tempered glass because it is strong. If your tempered glass vessel sink were to unfortunately break then it will shatter into pebbles of blunt pieces. There will be no sharp shards that you would expect when ordinary glass breaks.

    You want all of the people that use your glass vessel sink to be safe no matter what happens. When you have a tempered glass sink you can ensure that this is the case. It is a lot safer than conventional glass, so make sure that you always chose a tempered glass sink.

    Tempered glass is strong and provides a high resistance to breakages. Your glass vessel sink will be able to withstand all kinds of impacts and the punishment of everyday use. If you live in a high rise apartment you do not need to concern yourself with the additional forces here – tempered glass can withstand this.

    You will find that your tempered glass sink is very resistant to scratches and will be able to handle the normal wear and tear that any other sink can. Your glass vessel sink will remain flawless as it is very difficult to scratch or make any marks on it.

    Orange Yellow Glass Vessel Sink Ensemble from Polaris

    Conventional glass does not have the heat resistance that tempered glass does. Your tempered glass sink goes through a unique manufacturing process that makes it very heat resistant. This makes it ideal for use in bathrooms where exposure to heat is most likely.

    Tempered glass is a very versatile material which means that you can obtain your glass vessel sink in a number of different styles and colors. The best tempered glass sinks really look the part and the custom styles sinks are particularly attractive.

    Another benefit of the versatility of tempered glass is that you can choose a glass vessel sink from a wide range of pattern options. If you want a frosted glass vessel sink for example, then these are available.

    The clarity of tempered glass is exceptional. Clear glass vessel sinks are very popular for this reason. It doesn’t matter what style or color of glass vessel sink you choose, if it is made from tempered glass then it will have high clarity and be very good quality.


    Why you should choose a Glass Vessel Sink

    Gold Colored Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink

    You can install a glass bowl bathroom sink and transform your bathroom in a heartbeat. Without spending thousands of dollars on remodeling your bathroom, you can make an instant impact with the purchase of a glass vessel sink.

    Your glass vessel sink will work just as well as your old ceramic sink. It will have the same level of functionality. But your glass sink will look so much more appealing. Let’s face it; most people have ceramic sinks that most people would not take a second glance at. But when you have a glass vessel sink you will make a real statement.

    If you feel that your bathroom is a bit cramped then you can change that feeling by installing a tempered glass bathroom sink. As this is a vessel sink and will sit on top of your existing counter it will make your bathroom appear to be a lot bigger.

    Glass vessel sinks are very convenient to use. If some of your family members are tall they may struggle with a conventional sink. This should not be the case with a glass vessel sink. All glass vessel sinks come with a hole for the waste water. So all you need to do is to drill the right size of hole in the counter to install it.

    Cleaning your glass vessel sink could not be easier. Most of the time you will only need warm water and a soft cloth. It is really easy to clean off toothpaste marks and soap scum as well as other stains that accumulate in a sink. When you do clean your glass vessel sink you need to ensure that you clean the edges and the outside thoroughly as well.


    Glass Vessel Sinks have several Benefits

    Blue and Black Rectangular Glass Vessel Sink

    If you do not currently have a vessel sink in your bathroom then you are missing out on a classic. The earliest sinks were vessel sinks and they were designed this way for good reason. Nowadays, vessel sinks are extremely popular especially those made from non conventional materials such as tempered glass.

    A vessel sink is always going to look stylish in your home. Your visitors will instantly spot your glass vessel sink and will compliment you on your choice. Vessel sinks are very versatile and you can get them in a conventional bowl shape as well as square and rectangular shapes. This all adds to the “wow factor” of your glass vessel sink.

    In the unlikely event that you get bored with your glass vessel sink you can easily replace it with a new glass vessel sink. Conventional counter sinks tend to have an undermount design and there is a lot more work involved to replace this type of sink.

    Installing your glass vessel sink is really easy. You will need a separate faucet, but apart from that all you have to do is make a hole for the sink drain in the counter which is usually 1 ¾ inches.

    Glass vessel sinks have a real airy appearance and will certainly give the illusion of more space in your bathroom. By installing your glass vessel sink at the right height it will be comfortable for all the members of your family to use. People are returning to vessel sinks because they look so good and have many other advantages.


    Things to look for when choosing a Glass Vessel Sink

    Lava Vessel Wash Basin

    There are a few things that you need to take into account when you are choosing a glass faucet sink. Apart from the style and the color considerations which we have already discussed, you need to know what depth of glass sink you require.

    Some glass vessel sinks do not have a lot of depth and will therefore not hold a lot of water. This is not usually a problem with a wash basin but you should consider it anyway. You will see quite a lot of glass vessel sinks with a height of between 4 inches and six inches.

    Then there is the diameter of your glass vessel sink. If you have limited counter top space then you need to choose a glass sink of the right diameter so that it will be a good fit. The thickness of the tempered glass will vary between manufacturers. Usually the thickness of the glass will be around ½ inch (approx 12 to 13 millimeters).

    Most high quality glass vessel sinks will come with installation instructions. There is hardly anything to installing these glass sinks but you will need to know what size hole you need to make in the counter for the drain hole. Normally this is 1 ¾ inches but you need to check this.

    When you are purchasing a faucet to go with your glass vessel sink you need to ensure that you get one that is the right height. The spout height and the spout reach of the faucet are important considerations as well.


    Disadvantages of Glass Vessel Sinks

    Clear Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink Ensemble from Polaris

    There are not many disadvantages to owning a glass vessel sink but there are a couple of things you should know about. We do not consider that these disadvantages are enough to put you off purchasing a glass vessel sink.

    The first disadvantage is that glass vessel sinks usually hold less water than other types of sinks and therefore you can end up with splashing. You can minimize the amount of splashing by installing your glass sink at the right height and using the right faucet. Your family will get used to using less water very quickly.

    You will need to clean your glass vessel sink more than you would another kind of sink. Glass sinks will show water spots but it is really easy to clean them. All it takes is a soft cloth and some warm water.

    If you want to go for a high quality custom design glass vessel sink then this comes at a cost. The beauty that your glass sink provides will outweigh this cost as you are making an investment in your home.



    Beautiful Silver Colored Glass Vessel Sink

    Glass vessel sinks are very attractive and have other practical benefits such as saving space and ease of installation.

    Few things will stand out more in your home than a high quality glass vessel sink.

    At SinksHQ we have a great deal of experience and knowhow with glass vessel sinks.

    You can see our high quality range of custom design glass vessel sinks here. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have about the purchase of a glass vessel sink so please contact us today here.