Trough Sinks - The DIY Buying Guide

by Sinks HQ Blog on December 27, 2020

If you are interested in trough sinks then we have the ultimate buying guide for you. For some time now, trough bathroom sink has risen in popularity due to their functionality and design. Sometimes you will see a trough sink called a “wash trough” – they are the same thing.

Essentially, most trough sinks are long and rectangular and more than one individual can use them at the same time. You can also purchase a single and double trough sink. The double faucet sink is very popular in homes these days. Whether you have a big family or not, it is nice to have a sink where you can have your own space and still share with loved ones.

A trough bathroom sink with two faucets provides you with flexibility, as there is more room with the washbasin. It is easier to wash a large object for example, or give something a really quick wash.

Recent research indicates that trough sinks are now gaining on traditional style sinks in popularity. This is not surprising, as you will not find it difficult at all to find a trough style sink that will compliment a contemporary or traditional interior.

What are the Advantages of Trough Sinks?

There are a number of benefits to owning a trough sink, which explains why they are so popular. One of the major benefits is that you can use a small trough sink when you are tight on space. In fact, it is easy to install a double trough sink when you don’t have a lot of space.

This enables you to have two faucets spaced out enough that they provide a comfortable washing area for two people. If space is at a premium, it can be a real challenge to install two traditional style sinks, so a double faucet trough sink is the answer. Who wants to buy two sinks when they only need one?

It is easy to clean trough sinks due to the sleek design. You do not have the usual amount of “nooks and crannies” to access and clean. Simply wipe down your trough sink and you are done. It doesn’t get any easier.

Trough sinks are available in different materials and in general, you will find that they are all low maintenance. When you do need to clean them, all that you need is water and mild soap. You do not need to clean a trough sink as often as you would a conventional sink.

When you have a trough bathroom sink it will really stand out. People that use your bathroom will be expecting to see a conventional sink and will marvel at how good your trough sink looks. They will also enjoy the functionality that it provides.

Troughs have been around for a very long time. There is good reason for this as they are very functional and easy to clean. People can easily relate to the concept of trough sinks and this is another reason why they like them so much.

There is a wide variety of trough sinks available and you will usually have several options. It is easy to customize a trough bathroom sink and any trough sink is going to look stunning in your home. Usually, trough sinks have good depth so you can virtually eliminate water spatters.

What types of Trough Sinks are available?

You need to choose the right material for your trough sink. We consider this more important than the style of sink that you go for. A durable trough bathroom sink will last you for a long time and provide the best value for money.

The Stainless Steel Trough Sink

The most popular is the stainless steel trough sink. They are easy to maintain and resistant to scratches, ruptures and water spots and they come with a reasonable price tag. Stainless steel trough sinks have high nickel content, which enhances their appearance. Check the quality of the steel used when you are looking at these trough sinks.

Copper Trough Sinks

A copper trough sink is visually appealing and works well with just about any existing bathroom décor. Copper sinks are low maintenance, usually just requiring a wash with soap and water once a month. Copper has good antibacterial qualities and is a very durable material that should last a long time.

The Cement Trough Sink

A cement trough sink is another popular choice mainly due to how unique it looks in your bathroom. You need to be careful with a concrete trough sink as it can chip easily. But it will last you a long time thanks to its durability.

The Marble Trough Sink

Marble trough sinks are not that popular mainly due to their high price tag. Nevertheless, is there anything more elegant than marble? If you do go for a marble trough sink then it is a good idea to re-seal it to extend its life.

The Cast Iron Trough Sink

Some people like the look of the cast iron trough sink. These can be really attractive and they are certainly durable. You need to be careful with the enamel coating of a cast iron trough sink as they can be susceptible to cracking, dents and even rust.

Other Materials and Styles

You can have a stone trough sink, a metal trough sink, a ceramic trough sink, a granite trough sink, and even those made from wood and glass. There are vintage trough sinks, farmhouse trough sinks, wall mounted trough sinks, narrow trough sinks, antique trough sinks, black trough sinks and white trough sinks and more.

Trough Sink Installation Choices

You can get an undermount trough sink, which will attach to the bottom of your countertop for a flawless and smooth appearance. The most commonly used material for an undermount trough sink is stainless steel.

Then there is the drop in trough sink which literally drop in to a gap that you make in your countertop. The installation of a drop in trough sink is easier than that of an undermount trough sink. You can get drop in trough sinks in a variety of different materials.

You may prefer the farmhouse trough stink, which has an “apron” style. It is not easy to install an apron style trough sink, but they do look good. An apron style sink has a large apron, which will drop down the front of your bathroom cabinet.

How many Faucets do you want?

You can get a trough sink that has one faucet, two faucets and even three or more faucets. The double faucet trough sink tends to be the most popular as it has a classic look and there is something really nice about letting two people share a sink.

One Basin or Two?

The other decision that you need to make is whether you want a single or double trough basin. Not many people go for double trough basins these days as they are considered outdated. However, they do have the advantage of keeping one compartment clean and dry while you use the other.


Trough sinks are very popular for a number of reasons and will continue to be. If you are in the market for a high quality bathroom trough sink then we have a great example for you here. We would be delighted to help you with your requirements for trough sinks so please contact us here today.